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6 of the Best Cookie and Tea Pairings for Spring 

Cup of reddish tea in tea cup with saucer of two handmade cookies. Small tea pot behind.

With the flowers in bloom and the promise of warmer weather, spring is the perfect time to host a gathering. Gourmet cookies are never out of season, but this spring, we invite you to try our spring cookie flavors with a cup of tea. We’ll guide you through the best cookie and tea pairings to try this spring.  

Gourmet Spring Cookie Flavors to Pair with Your Favorite Teas 

The best cookie and tea pairings start with gourmet, handcrafted cookies made with seasonal ingredients. At COOKIE . . . take a bite! we bake many of our spring cookie flavors with organic butter and organic flour from local venders and use fresh, in-season, local fruits. These cookie baking practices have earned us the Slow Food’s Snail of Approval because they benefit the environment, the local food chain, and the economy. And fresh, organic ingredients taste better, too! Here are six cookie and tea pairings to try with friends or to treat yourself. 

1. Orange and Vanilla Swirl Cookies 

orange and vanilla swirl sugar cookie

What goes better than orange with vanilla? Evoking memories of creamsicles and outdoor escapades, our yummy Orange and Vanilla Swirl cookies are made with fresh oranges and vanilla bean and lightly glazed with more fresh orange flavor to melt in the mouth. To enjoy our Harvest Fair Double Gold Medal winning cookies with the perfect cup of tea, reach for Bigelow’s Constant Comment or other similar, orange-flavored black tea to take the orange goodness to the next level.   

2. Hearty Sonoma Trekker Cookie 

sonoma trekker cookie

Cookies for breakfast? Why not? The Sonoma Trekker cookie is so hardy, it can fill you with wholesome goodness with your bold, breakfast tea. The oatmeal, rice cereal, and dried cranberries of our Gold Medal winners pop with the flavor of cinnamon, orange, and nutmeg, while giving a satisfying crunch and the creaminess of organic butter. Whether you enjoy them in the morning or for teatime in the afternoon when you need a little pick-me-up, the Sonoma Trekker pairs well with the bold, rich flavor of English, Irish, or Scottish breakfast teas.  

3. Chai Shortbread Square Cookies 

chai shortbread square cookie

The warm spices in our Chai Shortbread Square cookies make the buttery perfection of traditional shortbread even better. Sweetened with cane sugar and flavored with fresh oranges, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper, these cookies are great by themselves and even better dunked in a chai latte. It’s milk and cookies for grownups.   

4. Snickerdoodle Sugar Sparkler Cookies  

snickerdoodle sugar cookie

Snickerdoodles never get old. Like a little black dress is to a woman’s wardrobe, they are an essential cookie for spring gatherings or any gathering, any time of year. Our Snickerdoodle Sugar Sparkler cookies take the classic and turn it into a gourmet cookie with fresh cinnamon and a touch of orange zest. An aromatic cup of earl grey tea provides a perfect balance to this creamy, nostalgic comfort cookie. The oil of bergamot will make the orange and cinnamon pop and start a cookie session that will be hard to stop! 

5. Lemon Moon Cookies 

lemon moon cookie

Our signature Gold Medal winning Lemon Moon cookies are one of our hottest sellers. Fresh lemons are the secret to these simple, yet decadent cookies. Topped with a touch of icing on one end, these buttery delights pair perfectly with a cup of jasmine green tea. The earthy notes of the tea combine for a complex explosion of fresh lemon flavor that can’t be beat. Plus, you can go ahead and have a second cup (and more cookies), because green tea is lower in caffeine and high in healthy antioxidants.  

6. Zesty Tea Cookie  

zesty tea cookie

Fresh lemons and organic goodness make these Zesty Tea cookies a big hit paired with many Sonoma County wines as well as full-bodied herbal teas! When you dip them in a fruity cup of rooibos herbal tea, the flavor creates a citrus cascade that will wake you up without the need for caffeine!  

Ready for more cookie pairing fun? Check out these pairing ideas . . .

Get Your Favorite Spring Cookie Flavors from COOKIE . . . take a bite! 

Whether you pair your cookies with tea, coffee, milk, wine, beer, or enjoy them without a beverage, COOKIE . . . take a bite! has you covered with the best flavors for every occasion and every time of year. Place your order today for your next party, yourself, your family, or your office. You can even send cookies with our many, easy shipping options to far-flung friends and family. Nothing says I love you like gourmet cookies!  

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