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Ultimate Sonoma County Craft Beer and Cookie Pairing Guide

Sonoma County Cookie and Craft Beer Pairing

5 Cookie and Craft Beer Pairings to Try if You Love Sonoma County Breweries

Whether it’s a rich and full Stout or a citrusy IPA, there’s a Sonoma County craft beer you can pair with every gourmet cookie we bake at COOKIE… Take a Bite! With our expert local beer and cookie pairing guide, you can enjoy all the most delicious indulgences Sonoma County has to offer. 

Here are five of our best-selling cookies and the local craft beers you should pair them with to get you started!

1. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie: Stouts

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie to pair with a Sonoma County Craft Beer

Our Classic Chocolate Chip cookies have the perfect amount of crispiness and crunch around the edges with a sweet, chewy center. Stout beers are very full-bodied with an incredibly rich and creamy flavor. The silky roasted flavors of a stout will complement the sweetness of our chocolate chip cookie without overpowering it. 

Our Craft Beer Pick: O.V.L. Dry Irish Stout from Russian River Brewing Company

2. Triple Chocolate Threat Cookie: Aged Sour Beers

Triple Chocolate Threat Cookie  to pair with a Sonoma County Craft Beer

By now, we all know you can never go wrong with a chocolate and wine pairing, so when it comes to beers our Triple Chocolate Threat cookie is best alongside an Aged Sour. Aging a beer allows the flavors of the brew to mature, and take on unique characteristics of the vessel it’s stored in. A beer aged in wine barrels will take on lightly sour and tart flavors that pair perfectly with the lush chocolate flavors of our gourmet Triple Chocolate Threat cookie.

Our Craft Beer Pick: Beer Country: Petit Verdot – Shady Oak Barrel House

3. Peanut Butter Drop Cookie: Black Lagers

peanut butter drop cookie to pair with a sonoma county craft beer

Our double award-winning Peanut Butter Drop cookies are topped with a touch of sea salt creating a sweet and salty treat that pairs perfectly with a Black Lager. Peanuts are a traditional bar snack, and Lagers typically feature light and milky chocolate flavors, so it’s no surprise that a peanut butter cookie and a dark creamy beer are a match made in heaven. 

Our Craft Beer Pick: Death & Taxes Black Lager – Moonlight Brewing

4. Lemon Moon Cookie: Indian Pale Ales (IPA)

Lemon Moon Cookie to pair with a Sonoma County Craft Beer

Our signature Lemon Moon cookies feature a delicate tang of fresh lemon zest, perfect for pairing with a local IPA, which Sonoma County has plenty of! Not all IPAs are created equally when pairing them with something sweet though. Indian Pale Ales are known to have a more robust flavor that can vary drastically depending on the type of hops used during the brewing process. An IPA brewed with Citra hops will have more citrus notes and will be the perfect pairing for our Lemon Moon cookie.

Our Craft Beer Pick: Keg Slayer IPA – Cooperage Brewing 

5. Sonoma Trekker Oatmeal Cookie: Blonde Ales

Sonoma Trekker Oatmeal Cookie to pair with a Sonoma County craft beer

Our award-winning Sonoma Trekker cookies combine the creaminess of oatmeal with a crispy tang of cranberries to provide a little crunch and a lot of flavor in every bite. A lighter session beer like a Blonde Ale with tropical fruit notes would pair best with our Sonoma Trekker cookie. Ales with a light aroma and body allow the fruity cranberry flavors to shine through while complementing the smooth simplicity of a golden or blonde brew. 

Our Craft Beer Pick: Best Life Blond Ale – HenHouse Brewing

Sample the Flavors of Sonoma County with a Craft Beer and Cookie Pairing

These suggestions may help you discover your new favorite craft beer and cookie pairings, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Check out all the seasonal cookie flavors we have available in our online shop and at our cookie counter to discover new delicious pairings for yourself!

Are you looking to send a friend or family member a little reminder that you’re thinking about them? Send a delicious treat to your favorite people, near and far, today with our Cookie Gift Tin delivery and nationwide shipping options!

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6 Cookie and Beer Pairings Perfect for Dad this Father’s Day

Father's Day Cookie Gift goes great with local beer.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Beer and Cookie Pairing Guide for Sonoma County Dads 

This Father’s Day, give dad the gift that satisfies his sweet tooth and wets his whistle with a scrumptious pairing of our gourmet cookies and local Sonoma County craft beers. Our special Father’s Day Cookie Gift Tins contain our most popular seasonal cookie flavors fresh from the oven and perfect for enjoying alongside a fresh craft brew…Or two!

Follow our guide put together by a Cicerone-certified expert to pair the perfect local beers with each delicious cookie found in our Father’s Day Tins. Get ready to celebrate dad, just remember to B.Y.O.B!

1. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie and the Shadow of a Doubt Imperial Porter from Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, Ca 

The rich chocolate and lightly smoked malt characters of Russian River Brewing’s Shadow of a Doubt Imperial Porter is the perfect compliment to the soft, chocolatey center and crisp edges of our Classic Chocolate Chip cookie. There’s no shadow of a doubt that this is a perfect pair!

COOKIE...take a bite!'s Premium Father's Day Cookie Gift Tin

You will find this classic treat in our Father’s Day Premium Cookie Gift Tin which comes with over 25 cookies featuring the top flavors we heard dad loves! 

2. Triple Chocolate Threat Cookie and the Beer Country – Petit Verdot from Shady Oak Barrel House in Santa Rosa, Ca

If you thought wine paired well with our dangerously delicious Triple Chocolate Threat cookie, you’re going to love it with Beer Country – Petit Verdot from Shady Oak! This fruity sour is aged in oak barrels with Petit Verdot wine grapes. The lightly tart notes pair perfectly with the lush chocolate flavors of our gourmet cookie for a match made in heaven.

3. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and the Barrel-Aged Impermeable Oatmeal Stout from Seismic Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa, Ca 

Our buttery, chewy, and cinnamon-accented Oatmeal Raisin cookie found its match with Seismic Brewing’s own oatmeal offering. The Barrel-Aged Impermeable Oatmeal Stout may be overtly dark in coloring but it offers rich notes of chocolate, toasted coconut, toffee, vanilla, and fresh coffee – all flavors that pair exquisitely with our Oatmeal Raisin cookie.

4. Peanut Butter Drop Cookie and the Sonoma Farmhouse Brett Stout from Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, Ca  

One it’s own, our Peanut Butter Drop cookie, is an award winner – literally – but name a more iconic duo than chocolate and peanut butter. With creamy nutty flavors and a hint of sea salt, a chocolate stout is obviously the best pairing option for this cookie. The Sonoma Farmhouse Brett Stout from Lagunitas showcases a rich chocolate flavor with hints of tartness thanks to their use of red wine barrels during their extended aging process. This beer and cookie pairing is guaranteed to take home the gold!

5. Snickerdoodle Sugar Sparkler Cookie and the NomaWeiss Hefeweizen from Sonoma Springs Brewing Co., in Sonoma, Ca 

Our Snickerdoodle Sugar Sparkler cookie will have your tongue dancing with flavors of fresh cinnamon and hints of orange zest. Luckily, Sonoma Springs Brewing Co. provides a dancing partner with its hefeweizen offering! The complex flavor profile of their NomaWeiss features hints of clove and banana which pairs perfectly with our sweet Snickerdoodle Sugar cookie. 

COOKIE...take a bite!'s Deluxe Father's Day Cookie Gift Tin

You can order this sugar cookie today in our Father’s Day Deluxe Cookie Gift Tin which includes over 16 fresh baked cookies just for dad!

6. Double Chocolate Brownies and the Consecration Sour Ale from Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, Ca 

The rich and decadent Double Chocolate Brownies pair wonderfully with Russian River’s sour dark ale, Consecration. The ale is aged in cabernet sauvignon barrels to soak up the characteristics that make it stand out as one of their most sought after brews. A bite of brownie and a sip of this slightly tart beer is always a crowd-pleaser and a perfect Father’s Day dessert.

Have Father’s Day Cookie Gifts Delivered Straight to Dad’s Door!

click here to order father's day cookies online

Dad’s everywhere deserve the gift of fresh-baked cookies no matter where they are. With our nationwide Father’s Day gift delivery, you can delight dad with handmade Sonoma County treats. We offer special $5 flat rate shipping anywhere in the U.S. for all our Father’s Day gift options. Each tin will be packed by hand to ensure the cookies are safe and fresh when they arrive. 
You can also enjoy our local delivery anywhere in Santa Rosa, or visit our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter to hand-select some cookie treats for a last-minute gift! Order your Father’s Day Cookie Gifts today for a delicious way to celebrate dad on his special day!

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4 Ways to Thank Employees with Custom Cookie Gift Tins

collection of cookie tins for corporate gifts

Show Your Employees You Appreciate Their Work with Custom Cookie Gifts

If anyone deserves a “Thank You” right now, it’s the hard working employees who dedicate their time and energy every day to helping your business succeed. After the roller coaster of the year we all had, your team deserves to be celebrated with a thoughtful appreciation gift!

Our custom printed cookie gift tins from COOKIE…Take a Bite!, are full of the most delicious seasonal cookies, baked with fresh Sonoma County ingredients. With our award-winning cookie flavors there is something for every employee to love – from Classic Chocolate Chip to our tangy Lemon Moon.

Whether your team is in need of a morale boost, or you simply want to show your employee some gratitude for their good work, cookies will always be a great workplace appreciation gift for any occasion!

1. Show Company Pride with Cookie Gift Tin Custom Printed With Your Logo

Custom printed cookie gift tins featuring your company logo make a great impression that your employees belong to a fun-loving company that is proud of their staff.

You can even include a personalized message printed right on the tin to let your message of appreciation shine. Before your employees even dive into the cookie goodies, your customized message will be the first thing they see.

Cookie tins even come in a variety of colors with limited seasonal options to celebrate different times of the year! The thought and care you put into this custom gift will not go unnoticed, and your team will enjoy it even more with every delicious bite!

2. Boost Employee Morale with Gourmet Cookie Gift Tins

It’s the little things that matter a lot to happy employees. Studies show that employees that feel appreciated generally enjoy their jobs more, and are much more likely to work efficiently, and show company loyalty. In fact, 90% of employees in the study said that a fun work environment is one of the most motivating factors they have to work better! What’s more fun than a surprise delivery of fresh-baked cookies?

3. Custom Printed Cookie Gift Tins Are the Perfect Employee Appreciation Gift for a Company of Any Size

Smaller businesses and bustling corporations can take advantage of COOKIE…Take a Bite!’s custom printed cookie gift tins. The program starts with orders as few as 24 personalized cookie tins to thank teams for a great job, all the way to larger amounts for a full company celebration. 

We offer a variety of custom printed cookie gift tin sizes as well!

Premium Custom Printed Cookie Gift Tins

Come with 25 delicious cookies and five unique flavors that are guaranteed to be a hit!

Deluxe Custom Printed Cookie Gift Tins

Come with 16 cookies and feature four of our most popular flavors.

4. Send Remote Workers Custom Printed Cookie Gift Tins

Change is never easy, especially in a fast-paced work environment that suddenly shifts to working from home! But your employees adapted, worked hard, and ensured your business’ success over the tumultuous last year. Send a little gratitude to their doorstep with our custom cookie gift tin!

COOKIE…Take a Bite! offers quick and easy shipping anywhere in the country so your team can enjoy fresh cookies no matter where they’re working from! We also offer local delivery in Sonoma County from our renowned Cookie Van, or you can stop by our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter for convenient pick-up! 

As more businesses return to in-person work in 2021, a custom printed cookie tin gift is the perfect “welcome back” gift to start the whole team off with a treat!

Thank Your Employees with Custom Printed Cookie Gift Tins from COOKIE…Take a Bite!

click here to order cookies online

If you’re looking for that perfect way to thank your team members for their great work and dedication, COOKIE…Take a Bite! has the answer. All our artisanal cookies are baked fresh daily with premium local Sonoma County ingredients. 

So, whether they’re accomplishing a big project, celebrating a work anniversary, or you just want to thank them for a positive attitude, give them the gift of cookies with our personalized cookie gift tins!

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3 Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Ideas to Celebrate Mom

mother's day wine and cookie gifts

Gourmet Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Ideas that are Perfect for Mom

Mother’s Day is a special time to show Mom your appreciation for their endless hard work and unconditional love. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift idea that’s as sweet as she is, we have you covered. This year, follow up a bouquet of flowers with the dessert she’ll never forget: gourmet cookies from COOKIE… take a bite!

Our decadent cookie gifts feature a variety of seasonal flavors, all handmade with care from fresh Sonoma County ingredients and are the perfect way to tell the Mom in your life “Happy Mother’s Day!”

1.   Unique Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Tins She is Sure to Love

Give Mom the extra special gift she truly deserves with our Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Tins! Each tin contains our most popular seasonal flavors, fresh from the oven and independently selected to celebrate Mom on her day.

Cookie...take a bite! Premium Mother's Day Tin with a variety of cookies in front including pink heart-shaped cookies.

Premium Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Tin

Our Premium Mother’s Day Tin includes over 25 cookies featuring top flavors that we heard were Mom’s favorite! This heartwarming collection includes our award-winning Lemon Moon cookie, Double Chocolate Brownies, Classic Chocolate Chip, Zesty Tea Cookie, and our special Brown Sugar Hearts.

Cookie...take a bite! Deluxe Mother's Day Tin with a variety of cookies in front including pink heart-shaped cookies.

Deluxe Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Tin

Our Deluxe Mother’s Day Cookie Tin is a cute and tasty collection created especially for Moms! This tin is filled with over 16 fresh baked cookies including our award-winning Lemon Moon cookie, decadent Triple Chocolate Threat cookie, Zesty Tea Cookie, and our Decorated Brown Sugar Hearts.

2.   Plan a Mother’s Day Wine and Cookie Pairing

Mothers who love Sonoma County’s most popular wines will love these delicious cookie and wine pairings. A bottle of any of these wines and our cookies will be the perfect Mother’s Day gift and will make for a delicious celebration.

Mother’s Day Rosé and Zesty Tea Cookies

Our Zesty Tea Cookie is the perfect pairing with the fresh and fruity notes of a Sonoma County Rosé. The balance between herbal sensations and floral bouquet define what a Mother’s Day pairing should taste like!

lemon moon cookie

Mother’s Day Chardonnay and Lemon Moon Cookies

Our award-winning Lemon Moon Cookies are brimming with the inviting flavors of spring in every bite. It has a creamy sweetness that has your taste buds jumping for joy when paired with a light, crisp, and fruit-forward Chardonnay.

Mother’s Day Merlot and Double Chocolate Brownies

The smoothness of a Sonoma County Merlot lets the decadent tastes of our Double Chocolate Brownies shine. This is the premier pairing to end a wonderful day celebrating Mom!

3.   Surprise Mom with a Cookie of the Month Club Subscription for Mother’s Day

Give Mom the gift that keeps giving this Mother’s Day with a COOKIE…take a bite! Cookie of the Month Subscription! Every monthly shipment includes two dozen cookies in an elegant tin complete with seasonal flavors and holiday themes.

With 3-month, 6-month, and a 1 year option, there’s flexibility for every gift giver and every subscription box is delivered directly to Mom with no shipping fees! Don’t let Mom miss out on upcoming summer cookie favorites!

Have Our Mother’s Day Cookie Gifts Delivered Straight to Her Door!

COOKIE…take a bite! is owned and operated by a hard working mom, so we know the importance of celebrating Mother’s Day with moms near and far!

With our nation wide Mother’s Day gift delivery, you can surprise Mom with handmade Sonoma County treats! We offer a special $5 flat rate shipping charge anywhere in the U.S. for these limited Mother’s Day gift options, with quality and festive packing to guarantee safe delivery. You can also order our Mother’s Day Cookie Tins and enjoy our local $5 delivery anywhere in Santa Rosa, because there’s nothing better than a visit from our Cookie Van!

Order your Mother’s Day Cookie Gifts today to ensure Mom has a delicious treat to celebrate her special day this year! For any last-minute Mother’s Day gifts, visit our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter to hand-select some fresh-baked cookies for Mom!

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Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day with Cookie Gifts

A plate of gourmet handmade cookies in front of two bottles of wine for a Valentine's Day pairing

Share the Love this Valentine’s Day with Gourmet Cookie Gifts from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

COOKIE… Take a Bite! is playing Cupid this year with our delicious gourmet cookie gifts and tins! If you are looking for a unique gift to spoil someone special this Valentine’s Day, our homemade cookie gifts are sure to win the hearts of loved ones near and far. Our cookies are freshly baked with lots of love and can be festively wrapped. We can also include a special message from you to your Valentine! 

Indulge your sweet tooth and celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with a special gift from COOKIE… Take A Bite!

Have Gourmet Cookies Delivered to Someone Special This Valentine’s Day

Surprise someone you love with a cookie-gram delivered right to their door! Order your Valentine’s Day cookies from COOKIE… Take a Bite! and have them delivered directly to your special someone. 

Valentine’s Day Cookie Tins

Valentine's Day Deluxe Variety Cookie Tin

With our Valentine’s Day Deluxe Variety Cookie Tin you get over 16 of our favorite Valentine’s Day inspired flavors including our Chocolate Raspberry Splash, Brown Sugar Cookie Hearts, and much more!

Valentine's Day Premium Cookie Tin

Our Valentine’s Day Premium Cookie Tin is loaded with over 25 of our most decadent chocolate flavors including our Chocolate Cherry Bomb, Double Chocolate Brownies, Brown Sugar Cookie Hearts, and much more!

Local Delivery

Our Cookie Van is out and about delivering freshly baked cookie gifts anywhere in Sonoma County! You can also order our best selling artisanal cookies from door dash for local delivery.  

Nationwide Shipping

We also offer nationwide delivery, with USPS flat rate or USPS 2-Day Air shipping! To ensure your Valentine’s Day cookies gifts arrive fresh and beautiful, each order is packed and shipped with personalized care. We ship throughout the United States, so no matter where your loved one is located, they will be able to experience our handcrafted goodies.

Plan a Romantic Cookie and Wine Pairing Valentine’s Day Date

Spoil your special someone this Valentine’s Day with wine and cookie pairing inspired by all of Sonoma County’s most decadent indulgences.

Our Zesty Tea Cookies are a local favorite, and pair perfectly with a sweet bottle of rosé wine. 

If your sweetheart enjoys a crispy white wine, our Lemon Moon Cookies offer the perfect delicate tangy citrus flavors that will pair perfectly. 

If a romantic red wine is on your Valentine’s Day menu, try our Chocolate Cherry Drop Cookies. With hints of sweet fruits, this luscious chocolate treat pairs perfectly with a Pinot Noir.

Are you planning a virtual Valentine’s Day date? All of our cookies and gift tins can be shipped nationwide, so you can surprise your Valentine with a sweet gift!

Wine Pairing Cookie Tin

wine pairing cookie tine

If you want to sample all of our favorite gourmet pairing cookies, our specialty Wine Pairing Cookie Tin is the perfect Valentine’s day treat! Enjoy a decadent selection of 30 handmade wine pairing cookies, and a suggested pairing sheet to make choosing your wine incredibly easy!

Check-out our Sonoma County Wine and Cookie Pairing Guide and plan the ultimate Valentine’s Day date night!

Pick-Up a Valentine’s Day Gift from Our Cookie Counter in Santa Rosa

Order ahead of time and pick-up your Valentine’s Day cookies at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter. Pick-up your V-Day desserts and have it wrapped in a festive bag to-go for easy and safe gift giving. 

Cookie Counter Pick-up

Our Cookie Counter is closed on Sundays, so pre-order your cookie gifts and schedule for pick-up before February 14th!

Cookie Counter Hours and Location:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 11am -3pm
Saturday: 10am -2pm
Sunday (Valentine’s Day): Closed

430 Larkfield Center
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (In the Larkfield Shopping Center)
(707) 291-1785

For any last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, you can also find our cookies in many local Sonoma County grocery stores and businesses!

Give Your Sweetheart Something Special This Valentine’s Day from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

Click here to order Valentine's Day cookie gift tin

At COOKIE… Take a Bite!, we want to help you celebrate love this year with delicious handmade cookie gifts. All of our Valentine’s Day cookie gifts can be festively wrapped and ordered for local delivery in Sonoma County, picked-up at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter, or shipped nationwide! 

Order gourmet Valentine’s Day cookie gifts online today or call COOKIE.. Take a Bite! at (707) 291-1785.