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The Best BBQ and Cookie Pairings for Father’s Day

A father and son bbq meat together at a grill for father's day, outside, surrounded by trees and grass.

Get ready to fire up the grill— it’s almost Father’s Day! Grilling is a classic summer activity, but no cookout is complete without dessert. This year, show how much you care with these delicious BBQ and cookie pairings for Father’s Day! 

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The Ultimate Father’s Day BBQ and Cookie Pairings Guide 

At COOKIE… take a bite!, our handcrafted cookies are made with the highest quality local ingredients. The result? Delicious, gourmet desserts the whole family will love. Read on to find the best cookie pairings to complement Dad’s favorite BBQ dishes this Father’s Day! 

Smoked Brisket – Triple Chocolate Threat Cookies

Smoked brisket is a time-honored BBQ staple. Cooked low and slow over oak, hickory, or mesquite, the result is a tender and oh-so-smoky bite that melts in your mouth.

triple chocolate threat cookie

If smoked brisket is on the menu this Father’s Day, there’s no better companion than our Triple Chocolate Threat Cookies!

These rich, chocolatey cookies are a luxurious complement to the flavors of brisket and satisfies the sweet tooth. They also pair excellently with aged sour craft beers

BBQ Chicken – Lemon Moon Cookies

BBQ chicken is all about contrast: a smoky, caramelized exterior that’s juicy and succulent on the inside. And the perfect dessert? Our award-winning Lemon Moon Cookies! 

Lemon Moon Cookie

Just like the main course, our Lemon Moon cookie is a crowd-pleasing fav that you can never go wrong with! It is a sweet blend of vanilla and citrus flavors made with local lemons that we grow in our own garden.

These cookies provide a refreshing and light treat that pairs perfectly with BBQ chicken. 

BBQ Ribs – Orange and Vanilla Swirl Cookies

Slow-cooked BBQ ribs practically fall off the bone, giving you a juicy texture and smoky goodness with every bite. Smother it in sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and you’ve got the perfect meal for Father’s Day. But there’s always room for dessert!

Orange vanilla swirl sugar cookie with transparent background

Our Orange and Vanilla Swirl Cookies are the perfect companion to BBQ ribs.

Sweet citrus and creamy vanilla provide a delightful complement to the rich, smokey flavor of ribs, offering a smooth and refreshing finish to a satisfying meal. 

Grilled Shrimp – Tequila Lime Twist Cookies

Grilled shrimp is a refreshing entree perfect for any summer barbeque! Plump, juicy shrimp get a beautiful char from the grill, and a zesty marinade ensures that every bite bursts with bright flavor. And nothing pairs better with shrimp than tequila and lime! 

tequila lime twist cookie

Our Tequila Lime Cookies are a soft, chewy treat, infused with tequila and fresh kaffir limes from our garden.

This award-winning cookie is sure to be the perfect pairing for a festive Father’s Day BBQ.  

Burgers – Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie

Nothing says “summer barbecue” like homemade burgers! A juicy patty cooked to your liking and piled with all your toppings is a handheld culinary masterpiece. So, when it comes to chargrilled burgers nothing compliments a classic better than something just as timeless: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

classic chocolate chip cookie

Our classic chocolate chip cookies are crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside, and packed full of sweet, buttery flavor that’ll keep you reaching for more.

Pairing a classic burger with this time-honored cookie is a surefire way to spoil Dad this Father’s Day! 

Grilled Steak – Chocolate Cherry Bomb Cookie 

 Whether it’s a hearty ribeye or a juicy sirloin, throwing some steak on the BBQ is a great way to celebrate Dad. Seared and juicy, this hearty meal is rich, flavorful, and always satisfying. 

chocolate cherry bomb cookie

The perfect cookie pairing for grilled steak is undoubtedly our Chocolate Cherry Bomb Cookies! These fudgy cookies are made with dried cherries, giving them the perfect hint of tartness that is the perfect complement to any steak you grill up this Father’s Day. 

Show the Love with Locally Made Gourmet Cookies 

Whether you’re searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift or an easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’re in the right place! COOKIE… take a bite! is your one-stop shop for delicious handmade cookies made with local, organic ingredients whenever possible. 

We ship our cookies nationwide to make gift-giving simple and hassle-free. Shop our Father’s Day cookie gifts online, or visit our Santa Rosa cookie bakery today!

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