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8 Essential Cookie Baking Tools

cookies fresh out of the oven

An Inside-Look at The Best Baking Tools for the Perfect Cookie

Here at COOKIE…Take a Bite! we bake a lot of cookies, and over the years have found some baking tools in our kitchen that we cannot live without! Most of these baking supplies are inexpensive, serve multiple purposes, and are the true secret to the perfect cookie.

Here is your inside look at our bakery’s cookie toolkit and how we use these eight essential baking tools every day to hand-make all our fresh organic cookies.

1. Bench Scraper

When baking our gourmet cookies at COOKIE…Take a Bite! we always have this scraper tool on hand. This is a baker’s best bet when it comes to easily cutting up ingredients like butter. 

Nothing beats this tool when it comes to easy cleanup. When a fresh batch of our Classic Chocolate Chip cookies is ready, this scraper easily removes any dried chocolate leftover on baking surfaces. This multipurpose baking tool is bound to make every cookie recipe easier, and you’ll look like a real pro using one in your own kitchen.

2. Bowl Scraper

The trick to scraping sticky cookie batter out of a mixer or bowl is a bowl scraper. The best scraper will be stiff enough to easily maneuver the dough, but flexible enough to ensure we get every last drop of homemade dough or icing out of the bowl. Nothing goes to waste at the COOKIE…Take a Bite! bakery. 

3. Pastry Brush

Baking is definitely an art form and any cookie artist will tell you how important a good pastry brush really is to create the perfect cookie. At COOKIE…Take a Bite! we use this trusty tool to perfectly apply our homemade glazes to cookies like our famous Tequila Lime Twist.

4. Micro Zester

With this essential kitchen gadget, we can easily zest all our citrus fruits and other key ingredients for the perfect amount of flavoring every time. Without our micro zester, our award-winning Lemon Moon™ cookies wouldn’t be possible.

5. Peeler

At COOKIE… Take a Bite! we use a lot of locally harvested fruits to create our favorite seasonal cookie flavors. A trusty peeler with a large surface area is a must-have baking tool to easily peel things like the apples we use in our new seasonal Gravenstein Apple Streusel Cookie.

6. Ice Cream Scoop

How do you get a perfectly round cookie? The secret is out! Scooping dough with an ice cream scooper is the best way to get perfectly round cookies, every time. With a small ice cream scoop, all your cookies will be uniform in size and shape with little effort! 

Pro baking tip: very lightly coat the scooper in oil first so the dough never sticks!

7. Small Offset Spatula

A small offset spatula is every cookie baker’s secret weapon. From easily removing cookies off of the baking pan to delicately smoothing icing on freshly baked cookies, this little tool always comes in handy. Our delicate Chai Shortbread Square cookies are effortlessly served fresh out of the oven thanks to this essential baking utensil.

8. Butter Knives

You can never have too many butter knives in your baking kit, and chances are you already have a few of these in your utensil drawer. We use these common kitchen tools in almost every step when baking our gourmet cookies. From holding down sheet trays, or scooping out small dry ingredients like spices, the butter knife is truly a cookie baker’s best friend.

Get More Cookie Baking Tips and Tricks from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

click here to order cookies online

Get more cookie baking tips and tricks by connecting with COOKIE… Take a Bite! on our Facebook page, or our cookie blog! Be the first to know about new seasonal cookie flavors available at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter, and all our latest cookies tins that are perfect for every occasion.

All our gourmet cookies are handmade with local Sonoma County ingredients and available to order online for local delivery, or shipping nationwide!

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4 Tips for Zero Waste Baking from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

homemade gourmet cookies from COOKIE... Take a Bite!

How We Reduce Food Waste One Cookie at a Time!

It is estimated that 80 billion pounds of food go to waste in the U.S. every year. At COOKIE… Take a Bite! we aim to produce as little waste as possible while baking our gourmet cookies. With zero-waste baking recipes and practices, we are able to help protect our planet by reducing our food waste, while also serving our community delectable cookies.

What is Zero Waste Baking?

Zero waste baking is a more eco-friendly and sustainable approach to creating delicious baked goods. With thoughtful ingredient sourcing and creative reuse and repurposing, our cookie bakery is able to limit our waste production significantly!

Zero Waste Cookie Baking Tips

Here are some of our favorite ways we reduce our food waste while baking our gourmet cookies at our Santa Rosa bakery!

1. Buy Local Ingredients

We are proud to work with many local Sonoma County businesses. When you shop locally, you know you are getting the freshest ingredients directly from the vendor. These ingredients are often picked, harvested, or produced the day before — or even the same morning — that we use them in our cookie recipes. 

Straus Family Creamery is family-owned-and-operated in Petaluma and has been producing 100% certified organic dairy products since 1994. We infuse their premium butter combined with mint from our garden to make our Mint Chocolate Kiss Cookie.

The organic flour we use in our cookies is produced by Central Milling out of Petaluma, as well. They have provided artisan-milled grain and flour to local bakers for over 150 years. Our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie would not be the same crispy-edged, gooey-centered treat it is without their premium flour.

2. Repurpose Leftovers

We rarely have leftovers at COOKIE… Take a Bite! But when we find ourselves with byproducts we always make the most of them. In fact, some of our bakery’s most famous flavors are made possible by using byproducts. 

We use the juice of our locally grown lemons to make the glaze for our award-winning Lemon Moon Cookies.

We make vanilla-infused salt out of scrapped bean pods for our Harvest Fair Best of Show Tequila Lime Twist Cookies.

3. Bake With Seasonal Ingredients

Our cookie flavors are always evolving based on which special ingredients are in season at the time. By purchasing local ingredients that are in season, we end up with less food waste because they are fresh and readily available. They didn’t have to travel here from out of the area, and will therefore have a longer shelf life and can be purchased in more recipe-appropriate quantities. 

Our new summertime favorite Gravenstein Apple Streusel Cookie features the famous Gravenstein apples from our neighbors in Sebastopol.

Another seasonal favorite is our Raspberry Chocolate Splash Cookie, featuring our homemade raspberry puree glaze made with seasonal berries.

4. Bake Cookies from Scratch

Baking our cookies from scratch means we have much less packaging waste to dispose of. By making our own icing, dough, and crafting the specialty ingredients that make our cookies so decadent, we are able to greatly reduce the amount of waste our bakery produces. 

Don’t miss out on our Plum Jam Thumbprint Cookies made with our own homemade jam or our new Grapefruit & Campari Swirl Cookie are topped with a drizzle of our house-made Campari and grapefruit glaze. You won’t find these handmade creations anywhere other than COOKIE…Take a Bite!

Enjoy Organic Cookies Handmade in Sonoma County from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

click here to order cookies online

At COOKIE…take a bite!, our gourmet artisan cookies are handcrafted daily and made with premium organic ingredients from Sonoma County. We are proud to be doing our part to reduce food waste in our bakery while continuing to provide our loyal customers with fresh delicious cookies every day.

Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the limited edition and seasonal cookie flavors available from our bakery or give us a call today at (707) 291-1785! You can order online for nationwide shipping,  local delivery, or pick-up your order at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter in the Larkfield Shopping Center.

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The Ultimate Sonoma County Wine and Cookie Pairing Guide

wine and cookie pairing

Sample the Flavors of Sonoma County with These Perfect Cookie and Wine Pairings 

When you find cookies and wine that really complement each other, it elevates both, creating the ultimate tasting experience. Here is your ultimate dessert guide to pairing our favorite cookie flavors from COOKIE… take a bite! with some of Sonoma County’s most popular style wines!

Tips for Pairing Cookies and Wine

A good general rule of thumb when pairing wine and cookies is: the darker the dessert, the darker the wine! In general, if you are looking to pair a delicate sugar cookie with the perfect wine, a crisp white will complement it best. Similarly, a dark chocolate cookie will pair well with a rich dark red wine. 

What Cookie Pairs Best With a Rosé?

A rosé is a refreshing spin on a drier style of wine. The primary flavors you taste in a rosé will be similar to red fruits, light notes of citrus and melon, and, of course, florals.

zest tea cookie

At COOKIE… take a bite! we suggest pairing your bottle of rosé with our rich and Zesty Tea Cookie. The hints of fresh-picked lemons and pink peppercorns create the perfect sweet and savory melody to combine with a local rosé.

Our Wine Pick: Three Sticks Winery, Sonoma 2017 Casteñada Rosé

What Cookies Pair Best With a White Wine?

Different styles of white wine include Chardonnay, Savion Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and many more. Depending on the style of white wine, the flavors can vary from crisp and citrusy to medium-bodied and creamy. 

Light white wines will usually feature more citrus fruits and melon flavors. Our signature Lemon Moon cookies deliver a delicately tangy flavor from fresh-picked lemons, combined with a creamy sweetness perfect for pairing with a light, crisp white wine.

Our Wine Pick: Three Sticks Winery, Sonoma 2018 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Chardonnay 

chai shortbread cookie

A medium style white will have a more buttery cream or nutty undertone, making our Chia Shortbread cookie a perfect pairing. The sweet buttery flavor combined with the warm spices accent the deep oak flavors found in a lot of richer white wines.

Our Wine Pick: A Sonoma County Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc

What Cookie Pairs Best With a Red Wine?

Red wines may have the largest selection of styles, and flavor palettes, but that’s what makes them so perfect for dessert pairings! Reds can vary in color from bright crimson, deep purples, pale ruby hues, and everything in between. This also grants red wines a very wide variety of flavors, ranging from fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices, to more earthy characteristics. 

sonoma county trekker cookie

Our award-winning Sonoma Trekker cookie has the perfect combinations of crunch and tangy flavor. This makes it an ideal pairing with a zippy red wine.

Our Wine Pick: Three Sticks Winery, 2018 Sta. Rita Hills, “The James” Pinot Noir

double chocolate cherry cookie

Our luscious Chocolate Cherry Drop cookie has a delicate chocolate center with hints of sweet cherries making it a great treat to pair with a Sonoma Pinot Noir.

Our Wine Pick: Three Sticks Winery, 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

ginger honey snap cookie

With a warm touch of rich spices, our Ginger Honey Snap cookie brings out the gorgeous notes and texture of many red wines.

Our Wine Pick: Three Sticks Winery, 2018 PFV Estate Pinot Noir

Enjoy a Variety with Our Wine Pairing Cookie Tin

wine cookie pairing tin

If you are looking for the best way to sample all our favorite pairing cookies flavors, our specialty Wine Pairing Cookie Tin is perfect for you! A decadent selection of 30 of our favorite wine pairing cookies, comes with a suggested pairing sheet in every tin. The only thing you’re missing now is the wine!

Do you know someone who would appreciate Sonoma County’s best delicacies? Don’t forget, you can have our Wine Pairing Cookie Tin or any of our other specialty cookie tins shipped nationwide!

Celebrate Sonoma County with a Local Wine and Cookie Pairing

click here to order cookies online

These suggestions may help you discover cookie and wine pairings that you love, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Check all the cookies flavors we have available and may find a new pairing that delights your palate.

Whether you want to appreciate Sonoma County’s best delicacies yourself or send a little taste of home to someone across the county, we have you covered! You can go online, or give us a call today to place your order.

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6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: COOKIES!

Different flavored cookies made with local ingredients in gift tins

Celebrate Your 6th Anniversary with a Traditional Gift of Something Sweet

No matter whether it’s your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, celebrating an anniversary is an opportunity to remember the union of your wedding and to remind each other about your shared love.

Choosing an anniversary gift can feel daunting with so many choices and traditions. To help you get started, we have teamed up with Blue Nile, the world’s leading online jeweller of diamond engagement and wedding rings, to compile the ultimate list of wedding anniversary gifts by year.

Celebrate Your 6th Anniversary with Cookies

What better way to celebrate that love on your 6th anniversary than with cookies? The 6th anniversary is traditionally marked with iron or sweets. Since iron doesn’t taste as good, we think cookies are a better bet!

Our family-owned company hand-crafts gourmet, artisan cookies in our commercial bakery located in beautiful Santa Rosa, California. We believe everyone deserves a good cookie so we strive to create cookies that are a decadent, tasty treat.  Our all-natural cookies are made with premium products and we look to source as many local and organic ingredients as possible.

How To Make a Sweet Celebration on Your 6th Wedding Anniversary

Share a decadent chocolate cookie from our Chocolate Lover’s Collection over a lovely bottle of red wine. If you and your partner are more a citrus fan our Award Winning Lemon Moon tin will be a treat.  Like both? Then have fun together creating your own celebratory tin with our Build Your Own Collection.

Just be sure not to fight over the last cookie!

Celebrate Love with COOKIE… Take a Bite!

click here to order cookies online

Order your sweetie cookies to commemorate six years of marriage from COOKIE… Take a Bite! Order online for local delivery in Santa Rosa, or nationwide shipping! Or pick-up your order at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter in the Larkfield Shopping Center.

At COOKIE…Take a Bite! our artisanal cookies are baked fresh daily with premium local Sonoma County ingredients. Come, see, and taste for yourself why our cookies make the perfect 6th wedding anniversary gift!

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4 Unique Ways to Celebrate Birthdays with Cookies

happy birthday cookie tins

How to Make Any Birthday Gift Unforgettable with Delicious Cookies

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate the birthday of someone you love? Birthdays come but once a year, making them one of the most memorable occasions in peoples’ lives. If you are trying to make someone’s special day extraordinary, you might consider cookies! 

Cookies are one of the best birthday treats. Not only are they absolutely scrumptious, but, for the picky eater, there is a wide variety of cookie options to choose from. We have been baking up some truly delicious birthday treats and new gift ideas to help you celebrate!

Ditch the boring store-bought cake everyone is expecting. Celebrate your loved one with new and classic birthday gifts from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

Try Our New Celebration Cookie Cake

happy birthday cookie cake

This is what every cookie-lover dreams of: a giant birthday cookie cake! Our new Celebration Cookie Cake is a ten-inch version of our Snickerdoodle Sugar, Lemon Sugar, or Classic Chocolate Chip flavors. Not only does your loved one receive a supersized gourmet cookie, a personalized message with fun script iced on top. This is the ultimate cookie-version of a classic birthday cake.

Get more details on our new Celebration Cookie Cake, here.

Enjoy a Variety of Flavors with a Birthday Cookie Tin

happy birthday cookie tins

If you know someone who is a fan of different cookie flavors, they will love receiving a variety tin from our Sonoma County bakery. Birthday variety tins contain 16-25+ cookies in different flavors, making them perfect for every palate. No matter their age, anybody will love receiving one of our decorative birthday cookie tins on their special day!

Shop all of our birthday cookie tins, here.

Have a Birthday Cookie Tin Delivered

Are you celebrating someone’s birthday from afar? We offer flat rate nationwide shipping to get your cookie tins where they need to go and when they need to get there. Every order is packed with personalized care to ensure it arrives safely and fresh out of the oven!

Give the Gift of a Cookie of the Month Subscription

Birthday Cookie monthly subscription

If you truly want to treat someone on their special day, a subscription to our Cookie of the Month Club is the gift that keeps on giving! Each month the new club member will receive two dozen cookies wrapped in an elegant gift box. 

Celebrate your loved one with a 3-month, 6-month, or full-year subscription of birthday cookies sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Order a Subscription and find out more about our monthly cookie flavors, here.

Let Them Pick Their Own Cookies at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter

For Sonoma County locals, a special birthday treat might include stopping by our Santa Rosa bakery for freshly-baked cookies. Let them feast their eyes on our cookie display counter, breathe in the warm cookie-scented air, and dig into our delectable cookie creations. A visit to our bakery will create a memory that will last for years to come.

Stop by our Santa Rosa cookie counter located in Larkfield shopping center, today!

Make Their Next Birthday the Best Yet with Delicious Cookies

click here to order birthday cookie gifts

If you are looking for the best way to say “Happy Birthday,” we think cookies are the way to go. With so many ways to incorporate cookies into your next birthday celebration, you can’t go wrong!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday here in Sonoma County or one across the country, we are sure to have an option for you. Place your order online, call us, or stop by our Santa Rosa bakery, today. Cookie…Take a Bite! is ready to ensure your birthday gift is one they never forget.

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Only The Best For Dad: Father’s Day Cookies & Gift Delivery

father's day cookie gift delivery

Spoil Dad This Father’s Day With Gourmet Cookies Delivered Right to His Door

At COOKIE… take a bite! we want to help spoil all the amazing dads out there! Celebrate your dad this Father’s Day with one of our many gourmet cookie gift ideas! We are baking up some truly delicious treats for all our customers nationwide! Send all the awesome dads out there a little something extra this Father’s Day from COOKIE… take a bite!

Order a Father’s Day Cookie Tin Full of Dad’s Favorite Treats

It’s your turn to spoil dad with a delicious assortment of fresh-baked cookies. At COOKIE… take a bite! our artisanal gift tins include a selection of our freshest, handmade cookies arranged handsomely in a festive presentation. We had fun putting together a great collection to let Dad know he is appreciated! We are also including a fun #1 Dad Bookmark with each order so he will remember how much you care!

Father’s Day Cookie Gift Tins

father's day cookie tin with #1 dad bookmark

We have 2 sizes to meet your needs. Our Deluxe Tin includes Mocha Frost, Classic Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle Sugar, and our award-winning Tequila Lime Twist. Our Premium Tin adds double chocolate brownies to the above mix!

Build Your Own Cookie Gift Tin

build your own cookie tin

Send dad 25 of his favorite flavors by customizing our Build Your Own Cookie Tin.

A Chocolate Lovers Dream Cookie Gift Tin

chocolate lover cookie tin

Our Premium Chocolate Lovers Cookie Tin is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth featuring our most decadent chocolate treats!

Filled with Father’s Day cookies and treats that are baked to perfection, our cookie tins guaranteed to put a smile on dad’s face. Don’t wait till it’s too late, order today, and have your Father’s Day cookie gifts delivered right to his door!

Classic Cookie Flavors Dads Love

Send dad the flavors that taste “just like grandma used to make”!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

A crispy edge and soft inside make our chocolate chip cookie classic favorite

Peanut Butter Drop Cookie

peanut butter cookie

A flourless peanut butter cookie with a touch of grey sea salt on top creates a sweet and salty celebration of flavors.

Snickerdoodle Sugar Cookie

snickerdoodle sugar cookie

Fresh cinnamon, a touch of orange zest, and organic Sonoma County Straus Family Creamery butter make this traditional flavor rock!

Surprise Dad with a Cookie of the Month Club Subscription

Make sure dad’s pantry is always stocked with delicious cookies, next time you go to visit. No matter where dad lives, you can order him a Cookie Of The Month Club membership and he will receive a monthly cookie tin with no shipping fees! Sign dad up this Father’s Day and he will receive two dozen fresh cookies every month he is subscribed.

Get Free Father’s Day Cookie Gift Delivery in Santa Rosa

We are so thankful for the opportunity to get to help you celebrate dad this year and we want to make it as easy as possible. That is why we are offering FREE cookie gift delivery on any order being delivered in Santa Rosa!

Get Flat Rate Shipping on Father’s Day Cookie Gifts Nationwide

With our easy nationwide delivery, and flat rate shipping it’s never been easier to make sure dad’s gift arrives safely and fresh out of the oven! To ensure your Father’s Day cookies arrive fresh and beautiful, we ship anywhere in the U.S. with personalized care and a flat rate of only $5.00!

Send Dad Something Sweet For Father’s Day From COOKIE… Take a Bite!

click here to order father's day cookies online

You know what we say, the way to a man’s heart is through his – sweet tooth! Show dad how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day with a deliciously sweet gift from COOKIE… take a bite! Order your Father’s Day Cookie Tins online for flat rate nationwide shipping, or local drop off in our cookie van to anywhere in Sonoma County.

At COOKIE…take a bite!, our gourmet cookies are baked fresh daily with premium local ingredients from Sonoma County. For your convenience, our cookies are available for sale at a number of local Sonoma County stores, as well as online! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21st, 2020 so make sure to order soon!

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Fresh from the Oven: Recent Reflections from the COOKIE…Take a Bite! Bakery

cookie take a bite cookie shop store front in santa rosa

How We’re Moving Forward as a Small Cookie Bakery During a Pandemic

Since mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic has affected our Sonoma County cookie bakery in a number of ways. From a dramatic drop in sales and staff changes to new safety guidelines and regulations, things have been changing fast and we have needed to adapt swiftly. But through it all, our goal has always remained the same: spreading the love to our community…one cookie at a time!

Moving Forward as a Small Business During COVID-19

Not surprisingly, business was down for us at COOKIE… Take a Bite! when the pandemic started. The first two weeks were devastating for many reasons, leaving the future of our bakery uncertain.

COOKIE…Take a Bite! Core Values Coming to Light During COVID-19

Like many others during this time of crisis, we have taken a moment to reflect and recalibrate our focus at COOKIE…. Take a Bite! It has been a long and uncertain couple of months and we have had to take a hard look at our business, make tough employment decisions, and work diligently to stay true to our mission.

Personalized Service for Our Valued Customers

Through this entire experience, the biggest benefit of operating our cookie company in this amazing county has been you – our customers! The amount of support we have received from our local community has brought new energy to our goal of providing the highest quality products and personalized service to all our customers.

Upon reflection, we see we were never going to be a wholesale monster with cookie bags in every national grocery store chain, and we don’t want to be! Our goal is to invest in our local bakery so we can continue to provide the best personalized experience to our customers.

With support from Sonoma Family Meal, local companies like Traditional Medicinals, Straus Organic Creamery, Oliver’s Market, and most importantly our amazing customers and family, we survived the worst of the economic hit and now we are ready to move forward doing what we do best!

Custom Cookie Tins

collection of cookie tins for corporate gifts

Our Customized Cookie Tins have offered many businesses a delicious way to remind their supporters how much they appreciate them! Customize your cookie order from COOKIE… Take a Bite! and we will print your company logo and personalized message directly onto your tin! Send your team or valued customers and supporters a delicious gift with your personal touch today.

‘With Gratitude’ Cookie Care Packages

Gratitude Cookie Tin
click here to order a gratitude cookie care package

We are so happy to have such great support delivering cookie care packages to the health care workers throughout Sonoma County via our Gratitude Cookie Care Package program. Our partnership with Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital and Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa has been more successful than we could have ever imagined, all thanks to you! We have added Santa Rosa Memorial to the list of recipients too!

Free Cookie Gift Delivery in Santa Rosa

Our entire team is honored to provide a little sweetness during times like this and love seeing our community reaching out to each other with such kindness. As a “Thank You” we are now offering free local delivery anywhere in Santa Rosa, and a flat rate of only $5.00 anywhere else in Sonoma County. Keep an eye out for our cookie van as we deliver our fresh baked cookie orders all throughout our beautiful county!

Nationwide Cookie Shipping

Different flavored cookies made with local ingredients in gift tins

It is so humbling to see all our customers sending our cookies to their friends and family with the most touching notes attached. At COOKIE… Take A Bite! we want to deliver the highest quality cookies, baked fresh, and delivered right to you or the home of a loved one. To ensure our gourmet cookies arrive fresh and beautiful, we ship nationwide with
personalized care and a flat rate of only $5.00!

Celebrate Community and Small Business Perseverance with a Cookie (or Two)!

click here to order cookies online

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has shown many of us our ability to turn unpredictable challenges into meaningful change through compassion and support. We are honored to serve all our customers near and far, and invite you to order one of our gourmet cookie tins for someone you care about today. Help us spread the love…one cookie at a time!

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Gourmet Mother’s Day Cookies and Gift Delivery

owner of cookie take a bite and her son enjoying a fresh baked cookie

Celebrate Mom with Cookies as Sweet As Her

While normal life may seem to be slowly falling back into place, one constant you can rely on is a mother’s love. Celebrate Mom and all her hard work this Mother’s Day with one of our many decadent cookie gifts! 

At COOKIE… Take a Bite!, we know what it means to be a hard-working mom! So we are always eager to help our Sonoma County customers find the perfect gift that reminds our moms how much we appreciate them.

Order a Gourmet Cookie Gift Tin for Mother’s Day

Different flavored cookies made with local ingredients in gift tins

Make this Mother’s Day as sweet as possible by picking out a special assortment of gourmet cookies just for mom. Don’t miss out on our local favorites and Build Your Own Cookie Gift Tin, or order our Premium Variety Cookie Gift Tin so mom can try all of our best selling flavors. At COOKIE… Take A Bite! our artisanal gift tins include your selection of our freshest, handmade cookies arranged beautifully in a festive presentation.

We Offer Mother’s Day Gift Delivery

Order mom a yummy gift this Mother’s day and our cookie van can deliver her present anywhere in Sonoma County! Select a special assortment of cookies for Mom online and add a personal note at check-out to remind mom how special she is!

Send Mom All Our Seasonal Spring Cookie Flavors

Don’t miss out on some of our springtime flavor favs at COOKIE… Take a Bite! We source the freshest local ingredients based on what is in season in Sonoma County. Make sure to try a few of these gourmet flavors before it’s too late. 

Nothing says spring like our seasonal favorite Tequila Lime Twist cookie! Made with limes from our garden, this cookie flavor won Best in Show at the 2019 Sonoma County Harvest Fair. 

If mom is a chocolate fan, our seasonal Raspberry Chocolate Splash cookie is perfect for Mother’s Day! This classic chocolate cookie is drizzled with a delicious raspberry glaze, so mom will taste the love in every bite

Have a Mother’s Day Gift Shipped to Mom

At COOKIE… Take A Bite! we want to help you celebrate Mom, whether she is near or far. Surprise her with a Mother’s Day Cookie Gift Tin delivered right to her home. Our gourmet cookies ship nationwide in decorative gift boxes that ensure they arrive fresh and beautiful. 

When you order cookies online from COOKIE… Take a Bite!, we ship USPS Priority Mail. Your Mother’s Day gift will usually be delivered within 1-3 business days from your order date, but some delays may occur, so get your orders in soon!

Subscribe Mom to Our Cookie of The Month Club!

No matter where mom lives, you can get her a Cookie Of The Month Club membership and she will receive a monthly cookie tin with no shipping fees! Sign mom up this Mother’s Day and she will receive two dozen fresh cookies every month she is subscribed.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Cookie Gifts from COOKIE…Take a Bite!

If you want to spoil mom with the perfect Mother’s Day gift, COOKIE…Take a Bite! has you covered. Order your Mother’s Day Cookie Tins online for nationwide delivery, or local drop off in our cookie van to anywhere in Sonoma County.

At COOKIE…Take a Bite!, our artisanal cookies are baked fresh daily with premium local ingredients. Our cookies are available for sale at a number of local Sonoma County locations, but if you want to avoid the grocery store chaos, simply shop our cookies online instead! Take the stress out of Mother’s Day Gift shopping and order mom a gift online today!

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Have Gourmet Cookies Shipped Nationwide Or Delivered Locally

platter of various cookie flavors for dessert

COOKIE…Take A Bite! Ships Nationwide and Delivers Locally Around Sonoma County

At COOKIE…Take A Bite! we know dining out might not be on the menu right now. But now, more than ever, people might need a little pick-me-up! That is why all of us at COOKIE…Take a Bite! want to encourage all our valued customers to take advantage of our local Sonoma County cookie delivery and priority mail shipping to anywhere in the U.S!

Ship Cookie Gifts Nationwide With COOKIE…Take A Bite!

You can order cookies online, and all orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail which usually delivers within 1-3 business days from your order date!

Ship a Customized Corporate Cookie Tin

collection of cookie tins for corporate gifts

Remind your co-workers how much you appreciate their hard work or loyal clients for their continued support by shipping them one of our Customized Cookie Tins! We will print your company logo and message onto our deluxe or premium cookie tins and ship your branded gift anywhere in the United States. Send your team or valued supporters a delicious gift to emphasize the sweetest things in life!

Add a Personalized Message to Any Shipped Cookie Gift

Remind your dearest friends and family how much you love them by adding a personalized message to any cookie order we ship. A yummy surprise and a thoughtful note can go a long way when you can’t be there beside them.

Get Free Shipping on Cookie of The Month Club Subscription Tins

Enjoy fresh cookies delivered right to your door once a month with no additional fees. With a Cookie of The Month subscription, shipping is free! All our Cookie of The Month members receives two dozen gourmet cookies in a stylish gift box every month. Our monthly subscription box makes a great gift for friends or family, and it’s the perfect way to ensure your pantry at home stays stocked with delicious cookies. 

The cookie flavors you or the lucky recipient receives will be different every month, reflecting seasonal ingredients or fun holiday themes! Show how much you care or satisfy a sweet tooth all year long with COOKIE…Take A Bite! cookie subscriptions.

Look For The Cookie Delivery Van Around Sonoma County

cookie take a bite delivery van

Keep an eye out, but we are hard to miss! Our Cookie van is out and about delivering cookies throughout Sonoma County. We will work with you to provide cookies to match any special occasion and deliver you fresh-baked cookies anywhere in Sonoma County.

Gourmet Cookie Platters Delivered Anywhere in Sonoma County

A good way to beat the blues is with a sweet treat! A platter of fresh-baked, all-natural cookies are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face and can be delivered anywhere in Sonoma County. Choose up to 7 different cookie flavors, with gluten-free and vegan options available too! All our cookies are baked to order and delivered fresh to you or a lucky recipient living in Sonoma County on a decorative, and charming catering tray.

Friends And Family Near And Far Love COOKIE…Take A Bite! Gifts!

If you are looking to give the perfect gift, but are worried about how to get it where it needs to go, consider the COOKIE…Take a Bite! Not only will you or a lucky recipient get to enjoy our delicious gourmet cookies, but we will also take the hassle of shipping or delivery off your hands!

COOKIE…Take a Bite! takes cleanliness and sanitation very seriously and understands the need to stay in and avoid going out too much. That is why we are more than happy to deliver or ship our fresh baked cookies to anyone who may need a little extra pick-me-up right now! 

Order your cookies online today!

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Come Visit Our COOKIE… Take A Bite! Shop and Bakery!

cookie take a bite cookie shop store front in santa rosa

Have You Visited The COOKIE… Counter Yet?

Do you ever need a little mid-day pick me up? Or did you forget it was your turn to bring the treat to the office party tomorrow? COOKIE… Take a Bite! has you covered! Our bakery has expanded and we now have our very own cookie counter in Santa Rosa.

Our goal at COOKIE… Take a Bite! Is to provide our customers with delicious cookies, freshly baked with the finest Sonoma County ingredients. Stop by our new cookie shop in the Larkfield Shopping Center and taste the love for yourself.

Get Fresh Baked Cookies at Our Santa Rosa Shop

You will never have to worry about buying stale baked goods again! We added our cookie counter to make sure our baked treats would always be available fresh out of the oven and into your hands. Our counter is open Thursday – Saturday and pre-orders can be scheduled for pick up any day of the week.

Avoid Shipping Fees! Pick-Up Your Order at Our Cookie Shop

When you order COOKIE… Take A Bite cookies online, you now have the option for local pick-up! Skip the shipping fees and schedule to pick up your order from our new cookie shop in Santa Rosa. Simply provide your preferred pick-up day and time at checkout!

Most Popular Orders at COOKIE… Take A Bite

  • Occasion Tins are perfect for any holiday and include our fresh, handmade cookies, arranged beautifully in festive wrapping.
  • Cookie Platters provide your guests or colleagues with fresh, all-natural cookies of your choosing arranged on an elegant cookie tray. We have vegan and gluten-free options available, just ask!
  • Custom Cookie Tins are the perfect gift for any occasion and include your favorite flavors presented in a stylish tin.

Not a Local to Sonoma County?

Just because you don’t live nearby doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious gourmet cookies! No matter where you live, you can join our Cookie Of The Month Club and receive FREE shipping on your monthly cookie tins! Learn more about all the perks of joining our monthly cookie subscription in our blog “A Gift For Those That Have It All: Cookies!

Not Sure What Flavor to Get? Stop by Our Cookie Bakery for a Taste Test

Stop by our cookie counter and get the freshest sweet treats right out of the oven! When you come into our bakery and cookie shop you get access to all our exclusive in-store only cookies! You can also be the first in line for all our seasonal flavors that are only available for limited times throughout the year.

Most Popular Flavors at COOKIE… Take a Bite!

  • Our Peanut Butter Drop Cookie is a gluten-free favorite with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Perfect for anyone craving a sweet and salty gourmet treat. 
  • The Triple Chocolate Treat Cookie is a chocolate cookie made with dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Triple the treat in one dessert.
  • Our Lemon Moon Cookie is a customer favorite and our signature cookie! Made with local lemons.

Visit Santa Rosa’s Newest Cookie Counter!

Come enjoy a sweet treat at our Cookie Counter in Santa Rosa. Order online today and pick it up at your convenience, or stop by for a quick sweet snack! Surprise the office, classroom, or someone special with fresh baked COOKIE… Take A Bite! artisanal cookies. You can find us at:

430 Larkfield Center
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (In the Larkfield Shopping Center)

Open on Thursdays & Fridays 11 AM – 3 PM
Saturdays 10 AM – 2 PM

Need cookies on a different day? Order online and schedule a pick-up any day of the week. Unable to stop by the Cookie Counter? No need to worry! You can find COOKIE… Take a Bite! cookies at a number of local stores in Sonoma County!