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Artisanal Sonoma County Cookie & Drink Easter Basket Ideas

A red box with the COOKIE... take a bite! logo stamped on it with a variety of fresh baked cookies in front of it

Locally Made Gourmet Cookies, Sonoma County Wines, and Craft Beers to Fill Your Easter Baskets With!

If there is one thing we know about living in the heart of Wine Country, it’s how to celebrate the love of all things delicious! We also believe that you’re never too old to enjoy a sweet surprise on Easter! 

So if you’re looking for unique, handcrafted gift ideas to add to your Easter Basket this year we have you covered! Below we highlight some of our favorite Sonoma County wines and craft beers to pair with our seasonal Spring cookie flavors this Easter!   

Gourmet Easter Cookies

Whenever you enjoy one of our handcrafted cookies, you are not only supporting our local family-owned bakery, but also many other local producers in our area as well. We are proud to source our organic ingredients from local growers and farmers to bring you fresh-baked seasonal gourmet cookies.

Custom Easter Cookie Gift Tin

To celebrate the delicious and diverse flavors of Sonoma County in the springtime, we have created a one-of-a-kind Easter Cookie gift tin! This beautifully printed artist tin is full of gourmet spring cookie flavors including our award-winning Lemon Moon cookie, Chocolate Raspberry Splash cookie, Jam Thumbprint cookie, and more.

The perfect Easter Basket addition for all ages!

Wine and Cookie Pairing Easter Basket Ideas

If you are looking to share the spoils of Wine Country with someone special this Easter, our Spring cookie flavors are the perfect treat to pair with many Sonoma County wines!

Wine and Cookie Pairing Gift Tin

Our best-selling Wine and Cookie Pairing gift tins feature seasonal cookies flavors all handcrafted to be enjoyed alongside Sonoma County’s most popular wines. Each gift tin also includes a detailed pairing sheet for the ultimate wine and cookie pairing experience!

Sonoma County Wines and Cookie Pairings

lemon moon cookie

If you are looking for a gift for white wine lovers, our Lemon Moon Cookies paired with a bottle of Gap’s Crown Vineyard Chardonnay from Three Sticks Winery in Sonoma is the perfect addition to their Easter basket! The creamy sweetness of this cookie combined with the fresh tangy flavor from fresh-picked lemons makes for a delicious pairing for this light, crisp local Chardonnay.

zesty tea cookie

For the rosé-all-day babes, we suggest pairing the Three Sticks Winery Casteñada Rosé with our Zesty Tea Cookies. This wine is a springtime staple in Sonoma County with notes of fresh citrus and fruity strawberries, which creates the perfect sweet and spicy melody when combined with our zesty cookies.

Craft Beer and Cookie Pairing Easter Basket Ideas

If you couldn’t tell, we take home-grown pretty seriously around here. Whether you enjoy a fresh pour of a citrusy IPA or a more dark and rich Lager, we’re sure to have a cookie you can pair with your favorite Sonoma County craft beer.

Sonoma County Craft Beer and Cookie Pairings

sonoma trekker cookie

If you know someone whose Easter Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing brew, try the Best Life Blond Ale from HenHouse Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa paired with our Sonoma Trekker Cookies. This light tropical session is the perfect beer to enjoy on a beautiful spring day, especially alongside our sweet and tangy cranberry oatmeal cookies. 

classic chocolate chip cookie

For all the chocolate lovers out there, nothing beats our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies paired with the O.V.L. Dry Irish Stout from the infamous Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa. The dry, chocolaty, roasted malt flavors of this craft beer perfectly compliment the sweet and melty chocolate chips found in every bite of this timeless cookie.

Celebrate the Flavors of Sonoma County with Easter Cookie Gifts Tins 

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Share delicious gourmet cookies made from organic locally sourced Sonoma County ingredients with loved ones near and far this spring! Order your artisanal Easter Cookie Gifts online today to enjoy all our seasonal flavors just in time for Easter. 

We offer nationwide shipping on all of our cookie gifts with protective gift wrapping available to ensure you can surprise someone special with fresh Sonoma County treats. 

We can also accommodate local cookie deliveries to customers in Santa Rosa, or pick up your cookie gifts from our Cookie Counter

Looking for the perfect last-minute addition to your Easter Basket? You can shop our pre-packaged gourmet treats at a number of locations throughout Sonoma County as well!

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Ultimate Sonoma County Craft Beer and Cookie Pairing Guide

Sonoma County Cookie and Craft Beer Pairing

5 Cookie and Craft Beer Pairings to Try if You Love Sonoma County Breweries

Whether it’s a rich and full Stout or a citrusy IPA, there’s a Sonoma County craft beer you can pair with every gourmet cookie we bake at COOKIE… Take a Bite! With our expert local beer and cookie pairing guide, you can enjoy all the most delicious indulgences Sonoma County has to offer. 

Here are five of our best-selling cookies and the local craft beers you should pair them with to get you started!

1. Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie: Stouts

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie to pair with a Sonoma County Craft Beer

Our Classic Chocolate Chip cookies have the perfect amount of crispiness and crunch around the edges with a sweet, chewy center. Stout beers are very full-bodied with an incredibly rich and creamy flavor. The silky roasted flavors of a stout will complement the sweetness of our chocolate chip cookie without overpowering it. 

Our Craft Beer Pick: O.V.L. Dry Irish Stout from Russian River Brewing Company

2. Triple Chocolate Threat Cookie: Aged Sour Beers

Triple Chocolate Threat Cookie  to pair with a Sonoma County Craft Beer

By now, we all know you can never go wrong with a chocolate and wine pairing, so when it comes to beers our Triple Chocolate Threat cookie is best alongside an Aged Sour. Aging a beer allows the flavors of the brew to mature, and take on unique characteristics of the vessel it’s stored in. A beer aged in wine barrels will take on lightly sour and tart flavors that pair perfectly with the lush chocolate flavors of our gourmet Triple Chocolate Threat cookie.

Our Craft Beer Pick: Beer Country: Petit Verdot – Shady Oak Barrel House

3. Peanut Butter Drop Cookie: Black Lagers

peanut butter drop cookie to pair with a sonoma county craft beer

Our double award-winning Peanut Butter Drop cookies are topped with a touch of sea salt creating a sweet and salty treat that pairs perfectly with a Black Lager. Peanuts are a traditional bar snack, and Lagers typically feature light and milky chocolate flavors, so it’s no surprise that a peanut butter cookie and a dark creamy beer are a match made in heaven. 

Our Craft Beer Pick: Death & Taxes Black Lager – Moonlight Brewing

4. Lemon Moon Cookie: Indian Pale Ales (IPA)

Lemon Moon Cookie to pair with a Sonoma County Craft Beer

Our signature Lemon Moon cookies feature a delicate tang of fresh lemon zest, perfect for pairing with a local IPA, which Sonoma County has plenty of! Not all IPAs are created equally when pairing them with something sweet though. Indian Pale Ales are known to have a more robust flavor that can vary drastically depending on the type of hops used during the brewing process. An IPA brewed with Citra hops will have more citrus notes and will be the perfect pairing for our Lemon Moon cookie.

Our Craft Beer Pick: Keg Slayer IPA – Cooperage Brewing 

5. Sonoma Trekker Oatmeal Cookie: Blonde Ales

Sonoma Trekker Oatmeal Cookie to pair with a Sonoma County craft beer

Our award-winning Sonoma Trekker cookies combine the creaminess of oatmeal with a crispy tang of cranberries to provide a little crunch and a lot of flavor in every bite. A lighter session beer like a Blonde Ale with tropical fruit notes would pair best with our Sonoma Trekker cookie. Ales with a light aroma and body allow the fruity cranberry flavors to shine through while complementing the smooth simplicity of a golden or blonde brew. 

Our Craft Beer Pick: Best Life Blond Ale – HenHouse Brewing

Sample the Flavors of Sonoma County with a Craft Beer and Cookie Pairing

These suggestions may help you discover your new favorite craft beer and cookie pairings, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Check out all the seasonal cookie flavors we have available in our online shop and at our cookie counter to discover new delicious pairings for yourself!

Are you looking to send a friend or family member a little reminder that you’re thinking about them? Send a delicious treat to your favorite people, near and far, today with our Cookie Gift Tin delivery and nationwide shipping options!