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Voted #1 Best Cookie Club Nationally

Where Can You Find the Best Cookie Clubs?

Calling all sweet tooth’s! If you want to indulge in unique flavors of delicious, fresh cookies without having to even leave your couch, then boy do we have news for you! Cookie clubs are available to bring you anything from a simple chocolate chip cookie to a sweet sugar cookie to enjoy – on the regular. You could also have them delivered to a loved one and win yourself the spot as their favorite person ever.

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4 Reasons to Give Cookie Tins to Your Customers

cookie tins with corporate logos printed on lid at holiday gifts

So you want to tie your brand to a gift that will reflect the quality of service that your business offers, while also being generic enough to appeal to a large variety of people – is this a riddle? 

No, it’s not a riddle, but it is a challenge that many companies face. Providing quality service is one thing, but forming long-lasting relationships with your clients and building a positive reputation as a brand takes thoughtful effort. Thank you gifts, and other corporate gifts are a great way to do this, but finding the perfect favor can be challenging.

That’s where we come in! At COOKIE… take a bite! we are here to make corporate gift giving as easy as possible, because what says, “I care”, better than handmade cookies?!

Read on for five reasons our custom corporate cookie tins are the perfect client gift for any occasion.  

1. Corporate Cookie Tins Make Gift Giving Easy

With our corporate cookie gift tins, you will never need to worry about how to make a good impression with a thoughtful gift again. From welcome gifts to loyalty programs, freshly baked cookies are a great offering no matter the occasion. Our delicious, all-natural cookies will always be a welcomed treat, and having your custom design printed elegantly on the gift tin makes these corporate gifts a no-brainer. 

2. Show Your Customers You Value Them 

These days, people are endlessly bombarded with generic efforts from businesses vying for their attention. From endless spammy emails offering free gifts to novelty knick-knacks that no one really needs (or wants) – junk mail is the norm. 

When you are giving a gift to corporate clients, it’s critical to invest in quality so that your true appreciation shows. Sending your most valued clients a corporate cookie gift tin with a handwritten note shows them that they’re valued and that your company is willing to show that in a memorable way. 

At COOKIE…take a bite! we know quality matters. That’s why all our gourmet cookies are made with local and all-natural ingredients.

3. Send Your Clients a Unique and Memorable Gift

Unique and memorable gifts that provide your customer with a positive experience will always be a better gift option than some random bric-a-brac with a logo stamped on it. When your corporate client opens up their gift tin and the sweet comforting smell of fresh-baked cookies greets them, they’ll attribute that satisfaction and excitement to your company. 

4. It’s an Affordable Way to Say ‘Thank You!’

Just like no one appreciates a gimmicky gift, no business wants to feel like they are just throwing their money away! Quality corporate gifts that your clients will actually like do not have to be expensive to purchase and give. 

With our gourmet cookie tins, you can give your most valued customers a delicious handmade gift that they will love without breaking the bank. Our customized cookie tins are an easy way for you to give your clients something that is within your budget and that they are sure to enjoy.

Show Your Clients You Care with Custom Corporate Cookie Tins from COOKIE… take a bite!

Our corporate cookie gift tins are completely customizable, so you can have your logo beautifully printed on each one. Having your branding elegantly presented alongside deliciously fresh-baked cookies allows your business to remain memorable to your corporate customers. 

If you’re in a jam and need a thoughtful gift to send to a client like yesterday, we also carry a large selection of cookie gift tins that can be quickly shipped nationwide along with a thoughtful note. 

You can shop all our cookies and customizable cookie tins online, or stop by our Santa Rosa cookie counter today! 

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Sonoma County Welcomes the Cookie Table

Cookie table display at a wedding reception in Sonoma County

A well-loved tradition, long enjoyed at wedding receptions in several eastern states, has slowly been making its way to California: the cookie table!

At COOKIE… take a bite! we love to help people celebrate their happiest occasions with freshly baked, gourmet cookies. So the Cookie Table is a tradition we are excited to see gaining popularity throughout wine country.

Read on to learn more about this delicious tradition and for some tips on how to incorporate a cookie table in your wedding!

The Cookie Table Tradition

Cookie tables have been around since the Great Depression when they increased in popularity due to the high cost of a wedding cake. The tradition, part of the American experience, was brought over to the East Coast by immigrants from Eastern Europe and Italy. 

Wedding Cookie Tables

The cookie table remains a customary feature in weddings throughout Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio. There’s even been a cookie table museum exhibit in Youngstown, Ohio. 

In certain parts of the country today, a cookie table is expected, and sometimes it’s even more important than the cake or dinner. In fact, many enthusiasts believe it would not feel like a wedding unless there’s one at the reception! 

How to Set One Up at Your Wedding

As wedding planners look beyond the typical baked goods, there are several things to consider when planning an event with a cookie table.

How Many Cookies Will You Need?

Knowing how many cookies you will need to delight all your wedding guests can vary. A good rule of thumb is to plan on serving a minimum of four cookies per guest. Although, a wedding cookie table with up to a dozen desserts per guest is not unheard of!

At a 2019 wedding reception, 88,425 cookies were served, breaking all previous records and making it to the Guinness World Book.

What Kind of Cookies Should Go on a Cookie Table?

Traditional style cookie tables usually include pizelles, lady locks, Italian wedding cookies, biscotti, and fruit horns. But the types of cookies you add to your dessert table is entirely up to up you! Cookies can be elaborate or simple, with or without fruits or nuts – the options are endless. 

At COOKIE… take a bite! we think adapting the tradition to suit you and your guest’s preferences is essential to ensure everyone gets to enjoy a sweet treat! We have a large selection of cookie flavors all made with local seasonal ingredients that can suit many different diets and lifestyles.

Our Almond and Cardamom Roll cookies are a beautiful addition to a cookie table. Made with fresh ginger, oranges, almonds, and cardamom these cookies are also gluten-free and vegan.

It wouldn’t be a Sonoma County wedding without wine, so we also have a variety of cookies that pair perfectly with many local wines. Like our Zesty Tea cookies which are the perfect pairing for a fresh and fruity Sonoma County Rosé. 

Our Chocolate Cherry Drop cookies have hints of fresh, sweet cherries and a delicate chocolate center making it a great dessert to pair with red wine like a Sonoma Pinot Noir.

How Should I Display a Cookie Table? 

There is no right or wrong way to set up a cookie table display! You can have a single table of cookies and platters or multiple displays featuring dozens of beautiful cookies all becoming to be enjoyed. Making your cookie table a surprise for your guests and having a big reveal can add even more excitement to your celebration.

Should I Give Cookies as Wedding Favors?

Absolutely – yes! Having a cookie table at your wedding is unique in and of itself, but sending your guests home with delicious wedding favors is sure to delight everyone! One of the goals of offering cookies at a wedding is to elicit warm and happy memories of the wedding day even after the event has ended. In the days to follow, while your guests delight in their personal take-home containers full of cookies, it is sure to bring a smile to their faces and fond memories of your big day. 

Create a Cookie Table for Your Sonoma County Wedding with COOKIE… take a bite! 

A wedding is a romantic and memorable event, and now it can be made even sweeter with a cookie table for everyone to enjoy! At COOKIE…take a bite!, our gourmet cookies are handcrafted with love and made with premium organic ingredients from Sonoma County.  

All of our cookies are available to order online or we welcome you to stop by our Santa Rosa cookie counter for a small sample. Come, see, and taste for yourself why our cookies make the perfect addition to your wedding!

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Festive Cookie Gifts to Fill Your Easter Basket

Gourmet Easter Cookie Gifts

Gourmet Easter Cookie Gifts and New Seasonal Spring Flavors from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

Easter Sunday is a fun opportunity to celebrate some of our favorite things: family and cookies! With the arrival of Spring, we are able to start incorporating some of our favorite seasonal ingredients from local Sonoma County areas to craft our new gourmet Easter cookie gifts.

From new Spring flavors to all-natural Easter Egg cookie shapes, our variety of Easter treats are guaranteed to bring a smile to every bunny this holiday weekend!

Sonoma County Wine and Cookie Pairing Easter Basket Ideas

As an independent family-owned business in Sonoma County, COOKIE… Take a Bite! is proud to source our organic cookie ingredients from local producers. All of our cookies are handcrafted with the highest quality seasonal ingredients that pair perfectly with some of Sonoma County’s most popular style wines!

lemon moon cookie

Who said Easter Baskets are only for children? Our award-winning Lemon Moon cookies combine a delicate flavor of fresh-picked lemons with a creamy sweetness perfect for pairing with a light and crisp Sonoma County Chardonnay.

Our new seasonal Orange Spice Thumbprint cookies are handmade with local red currants. This zippy and tangy seasonal cookie flavor is the perfect pairing with a Sonoma County Pinot.

Enjoy Our Seasonal Spring Cookie Flavors in Our Easter Cookie Gift Tins

Hop into Spring with our bright and cheerful Easter cookie flavors! All of our Easter Cookie Gift Tins include a selection of our most popular seasonal Spring cookie flavors. We carefully arrange each tin beautifully, and wrap them festively with the utmost care. 

Deluxe Easter Cookie Gift Tins

Our Deluxe Easter Cookie Tin is sure to delight everyone this year with a variety of over 16 cookies! This Easter tin is filled with some of our favorite flavors including our signature Lemon Moon cookie, Snickerdoodle Sugar, and our fun Easter Egg shapes.  

Premium Easter Cookie Gift Tins

Our premium Easter Gift Tins come with more than 25 cookies including our new Spring Orange Spice Thumbprint flavor, Chocolate Raspberry Splash, and our all-natural Easter Egg cookie shapes! 

Order Gourmet Easter Cookie Gift Tins for Delivery from COOKIE… Take a Bite!

Order your Easter Cookie tins today and enjoy local delivery to anywhere in Santa Rosa for only $5.00! Keep an eye out, cause the cookie van is on it’s way delivering our fresh baked cookie orders all throughout our beautiful county! 

Have Festive Easter Cookie Gifts Shipped Nationwide

At COOKIE… Take A Bite! we want to help you celebrate Easter with loved ones near and far. Surprise someone special with handmade Sonoma County treats and have our Easter Cookie Gift Tins shipped directly to their door! Our gourmet cookie gifts ship nationwide in decorative Spring gift wrapping that ensures they arrive fresh and beautiful just in time for Easter. 

Our Easter tins are available for a limited time, and we are offering special $5.00 flat rate shipping anywhere in the U.S. – so get your orders in soon!

Order Your Gourmet Easter Cookie Gifts Today!

If you are looking for some delicious Easter basket treats, COOKIE…Take a Bite! has you covered. All of our artisanal cookies are baked fresh daily with premium local Sonoma County ingredients. Enjoy all our seasonal Spring flavors this Easter by ordering your Easter Cookie Gift Tins online today! We offer nationwide shipping, local delivery in Sonoma County from our Cookie Van, or pick-up at our Santa Rosa Cookie Counter!

Our gourmet treats are also available for purchase at a number of locations, and are the perfect last-minute addition to any Easter Basket!

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Fresh from the Oven: Recent Reflections from the COOKIE…Take a Bite! Bakery

cookie take a bite cookie shop store front in santa rosa

How We’re Moving Forward as a Small Cookie Bakery During a Pandemic

Since mid-March, the coronavirus pandemic has affected our Sonoma County cookie bakery in a number of ways. From a dramatic drop in sales and staff changes to new safety guidelines and regulations, things have been changing fast and we have needed to adapt swiftly. But through it all, our goal has always remained the same: spreading the love to our community…one cookie at a time!

Moving Forward as a Small Business During COVID-19

Not surprisingly, business was down for us at COOKIE… Take a Bite! when the pandemic started. The first two weeks were devastating for many reasons, leaving the future of our bakery uncertain.

COOKIE…Take a Bite! Core Values Coming to Light During COVID-19

Like many others during this time of crisis, we have taken a moment to reflect and recalibrate our focus at COOKIE…. Take a Bite! It has been a long and uncertain couple of months and we have had to take a hard look at our business, make tough employment decisions, and work diligently to stay true to our mission.

Personalized Service for Our Valued Customers

Through this entire experience, the biggest benefit of operating our cookie company in this amazing county has been you – our customers! The amount of support we have received from our local community has brought new energy to our goal of providing the highest quality products and personalized service to all our customers.

Upon reflection, we see we were never going to be a wholesale monster with cookie bags in every national grocery store chain, and we don’t want to be! Our goal is to invest in our local bakery so we can continue to provide the best personalized experience to our customers.

With support from Sonoma Family Meal, local companies like Traditional Medicinals, Straus Organic Creamery, Oliver’s Market, and most importantly our amazing customers and family, we survived the worst of the economic hit and now we are ready to move forward doing what we do best!

Custom Cookie Tins

collection of cookie tins for corporate gifts

Our Customized Cookie Tins have offered many businesses a delicious way to remind their supporters how much they appreciate them! Customize your cookie order from COOKIE… Take a Bite! and we will print your company logo and personalized message directly onto your tin! Send your team or valued customers and supporters a delicious gift with your personal touch today.

‘With Gratitude’ Cookie Care Packages

Gratitude Cookie Tin
click here to order a gratitude cookie care package

We are so happy to have such great support delivering cookie care packages to the health care workers throughout Sonoma County via our Gratitude Cookie Care Package program. Our partnership with Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital and Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa has been more successful than we could have ever imagined, all thanks to you! We have added Santa Rosa Memorial to the list of recipients too!

Free Cookie Gift Delivery in Santa Rosa

Our entire team is honored to provide a little sweetness during times like this and love seeing our community reaching out to each other with such kindness. As a “Thank You” we are now offering free local delivery anywhere in Santa Rosa, and a flat rate of only $5.00 anywhere else in Sonoma County. Keep an eye out for our cookie van as we deliver our fresh baked cookie orders all throughout our beautiful county!

Nationwide Cookie Shipping

Different flavored cookies made with local ingredients in gift tins

It is so humbling to see all our customers sending our cookies to their friends and family with the most touching notes attached. At COOKIE… Take A Bite! we want to deliver the highest quality cookies, baked fresh, and delivered right to you or the home of a loved one. To ensure our gourmet cookies arrive fresh and beautiful, we ship nationwide with
personalized care and a flat rate of only $5.00!

Celebrate Community and Small Business Perseverance with a Cookie (or Two)!

click here to order cookies online

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has shown many of us our ability to turn unpredictable challenges into meaningful change through compassion and support. We are honored to serve all our customers near and far, and invite you to order one of our gourmet cookie tins for someone you care about today. Help us spread the love…one cookie at a time!

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Have Gourmet Cookies Shipped Nationwide Or Delivered Locally

platter of various cookie flavors for dessert

COOKIE…Take A Bite! Ships Nationwide and Delivers Locally Around Sonoma County

At COOKIE…Take A Bite! we know dining out might not be on the menu right now. But now, more than ever, people might need a little pick-me-up! That is why all of us at COOKIE…Take a Bite! want to encourage all our valued customers to take advantage of our local Sonoma County cookie delivery and priority mail shipping to anywhere in the U.S!

Ship Cookie Gifts Nationwide With COOKIE…Take A Bite!

You can order cookies online, and all orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail which usually delivers within 1-3 business days from your order date!

Ship a Customized Corporate Cookie Tin

collection of cookie tins for corporate gifts

Remind your co-workers how much you appreciate their hard work or loyal clients for their continued support by shipping them one of our Customized Cookie Tins! We will print your company logo and message onto our deluxe or premium cookie tins and ship your branded gift anywhere in the United States. Send your team or valued supporters a delicious gift to emphasize the sweetest things in life!

Add a Personalized Message to Any Shipped Cookie Gift

Remind your dearest friends and family how much you love them by adding a personalized message to any cookie order we ship. A yummy surprise and a thoughtful note can go a long way when you can’t be there beside them.

Get Free Shipping on Cookie of The Month Club Subscription Tins

Enjoy fresh cookies delivered right to your door once a month with no additional fees. With a Cookie of The Month subscription, shipping is free! All our Cookie of The Month members receives two dozen gourmet cookies in a stylish gift box every month. Our monthly subscription box makes a great gift for friends or family, and it’s the perfect way to ensure your pantry at home stays stocked with delicious cookies. 

The cookie flavors you or the lucky recipient receives will be different every month, reflecting seasonal ingredients or fun holiday themes! Show how much you care or satisfy a sweet tooth all year long with COOKIE…Take A Bite! cookie subscriptions.

Look For The Cookie Delivery Van Around Sonoma County

cookie take a bite delivery van

Keep an eye out, but we are hard to miss! Our Cookie van is out and about delivering cookies throughout Sonoma County. We will work with you to provide cookies to match any special occasion and deliver you fresh-baked cookies anywhere in Sonoma County.

Gourmet Cookie Platters Delivered Anywhere in Sonoma County

A good way to beat the blues is with a sweet treat! A platter of fresh-baked, all-natural cookies are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face and can be delivered anywhere in Sonoma County. Choose up to 7 different cookie flavors, with gluten-free and vegan options available too! All our cookies are baked to order and delivered fresh to you or a lucky recipient living in Sonoma County on a decorative, and charming catering tray.

Friends And Family Near And Far Love COOKIE…Take A Bite! Gifts!

click here to order cookies online

If you are looking to give the perfect gift, but are worried about how to get it where it needs to go, consider the COOKIE…Take a Bite! Not only will you or a lucky recipient get to enjoy our delicious gourmet cookies, but we will also take the hassle of shipping or delivery off your hands!

COOKIE…Take a Bite! takes cleanliness and sanitation very seriously and understands the need to stay in and avoid going out too much. That is why we are more than happy to deliver or ship our fresh baked cookies to anyone who may need a little extra pick-me-up right now! 

Order your cookies online today!

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Come Visit Our COOKIE… Take A Bite! Shop and Bakery!

cookie take a bite cookie shop store front in santa rosa

Have You Visited The COOKIE… Counter Yet?

Do you ever need a little mid-day pick me up? Or did you forget it was your turn to bring the treat to the office party tomorrow? COOKIE… Take a Bite! has you covered! Our bakery has expanded and we now have our very own cookie counter in Santa Rosa.

Our goal at COOKIE… Take a Bite! Is to provide our customers with delicious cookies, freshly baked with the finest Sonoma County ingredients. Stop by our new cookie shop in the Larkfield Shopping Center and taste the love for yourself.

Get Fresh Baked Cookies at Our Santa Rosa Shop

You will never have to worry about buying stale baked goods again! We added our cookie counter to make sure our baked treats would always be available fresh out of the oven and into your hands. Our counter is open Thursday – Saturday and pre-orders can be scheduled for pick up any day of the week.

Avoid Shipping Fees! Pick-Up Your Order at Our Cookie Shop

When you order COOKIE… Take A Bite cookies online, you now have the option for local pick-up! Skip the shipping fees and schedule to pick up your order from our new cookie shop in Santa Rosa. Simply provide your preferred pick-up day and time at checkout!

Most Popular Orders at COOKIE… Take A Bite

  • Occasion Tins are perfect for any holiday and include our fresh, handmade cookies, arranged beautifully in festive wrapping.
  • Cookie Platters provide your guests or colleagues with fresh, all-natural cookies of your choosing arranged on an elegant cookie tray. We have vegan and gluten-free options available, just ask!
  • Custom Cookie Tins are the perfect gift for any occasion and include your favorite flavors presented in a stylish tin.

Not a Local to Sonoma County?

Just because you don’t live nearby doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious gourmet cookies! No matter where you live, you can join our Cookie Of The Month Club and receive FREE shipping on your monthly cookie tins! Learn more about all the perks of joining our monthly cookie subscription in our blog “A Gift For Those That Have It All: Cookies!

Not Sure What Flavor to Get? Stop by Our Cookie Bakery for a Taste Test

Stop by our cookie counter and get the freshest sweet treats right out of the oven! When you come into our bakery and cookie shop you get access to all our exclusive in-store only cookies! You can also be the first in line for all our seasonal flavors that are only available for limited times throughout the year.

Most Popular Flavors at COOKIE… Take a Bite!

  • Our Peanut Butter Drop Cookie is a gluten-free favorite with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Perfect for anyone craving a sweet and salty gourmet treat. 
  • The Triple Chocolate Treat Cookie is a chocolate cookie made with dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. Triple the treat in one dessert.
  • Our Lemon Moon Cookie is a customer favorite and our signature cookie! Made with local lemons.

Visit Santa Rosa’s Newest Cookie Counter!

Come enjoy a sweet treat at our Cookie Counter in Santa Rosa. Order online today and pick it up at your convenience, or stop by for a quick sweet snack! Surprise the office, classroom, or someone special with fresh baked COOKIE… Take A Bite! artisanal cookies. You can find us at:

430 Larkfield Center
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (In the Larkfield Shopping Center)

Open on Thursdays & Fridays 11 AM – 3 PM
Saturdays 10 AM – 2 PM

Need cookies on a different day? Order online and schedule a pick-up any day of the week. Unable to stop by the Cookie Counter? No need to worry! You can find COOKIE… Take a Bite! cookies at a number of local stores in Sonoma County!

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3 Local Brands COOKIE…take a bite! Is Proud to Work With

Different flavored cookies made with local ingredients in gift tins

Support Local Brands with COOKIE…take a bite! This Holiday Season

As an independent family-owned business we know the importance of shopping and supporting local business, especially during the holiday season. That is why at COOKIE…take a bite! We make sure to source our organic cookie ingredients from local producers. 

All of our cookies are handcrafted daily with the highest quality organic and locally sourced ingredients. By working hand in hand with other locally owned business we are guaranteeing the freshest possible ingredients for our delicious cookies. With every purchase you make at COOKIE…take a bite! You are keeping your money local and boosting the local economy!

Our Cookies Are Made With Local Straus Organic Butter

We are proud to work with another Sonoma County business like Straus Family Creamery. Straus is family owned-and-operated has been producing 100% certified organic dairy products since 1994. 

closeup of a chocolate chip cookie

With their help, our Sonoma Trekker cookie won gold at the Local Sonoma County Harvest Fair!

chocolate cookie with swirls of frosting on top

We infuse mint leaves in their organic butter to create our rich and tasty Mint Chocolate Kiss Cookie as well. 

Located only 30 miles away from our new retail facility, their prized organic butter is guaranteed fresh. We suggest pairing any of our cookies with a glass of their local grass fed cows milk.

Our Unique Citrus Flavors are Made Possible with Local Citrus From Blassi Ranch

lemon moon cookie

Our award winning Lemon Moon™ cookie was the Gold Medal Winner at The Sonoma County Harvest Fair, made with their delicious and always fresh lemons. 

sugar cookie with orange vanilla icing swirled on top

Our Orange and Vanilla Swirl Cookies are a double Gold Medal Winner at the The Sonoma County Harvest Fair, made possible by their local grown oranges.

sugar cookie with lime frosting

Tequila Lime Twist is the 2019 Harvest Fair Best of Show Cookie and made with fresh kaffir limes from our very own garden.

By choosing local fruits for all of citrus flavored cookies we are able to cut down on transportation time, cutting gas emissions and ensuring the freshest possible organic ingredients for our cookies. A lot of these fruits are only grown seasonally, so get them while you can!  

Our Cookies are Made With Flour From Central Milling in Petaluma 

The organic flour we use in our cookies is produced by Central Milling out of Petaluma; only 19 miles away from our new location. 

They have provided artisan milled grain and flour to local bakers for over 150 years; so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing! Their hand-selected, premium flour is the highest baking quality in the county. 

classic chocolate chip cookie

Each member of their team is personally invested in the quality of their products because they are employee owned and operated. 

Our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie would not be the same crispy-edged, gooey-centered treat it is without their premium flour. 

Cookies Made With Love and Local Ingredients

click here to order cookies online

COOKIE…take a bite! is a family-owned bakery located in Santa Rosa, California. Our gourmet artisan cookies are handcrafted daily and made with premium organic and locally sourced ingredients. We are proud to work alongside some of the areas highest quality farmers and producers and want to invite you to help support them too. 

Every time you purchase one of our cookies you are supporting a network of local owned and environmentally conscious business. And you can taste the love and support in every bite!  
If you haven’t tried our cookies yet, stop by our NEW retail counter in our Larkfield, Santa Rosa location. Or find us at one of the many local shops now proudly selling our cookies! Come, see, and taste for yourself why our cookies make the perfect holiday gift!