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We Shared Our Secret to Evenly Baked Cookies with Our Friends at Chocolate Shipped Cookies!

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Chocolate Shipped Cookies Asked, “How can I prevent unevenly baked cookies?”

Chocolate Shipped Cookies is a decades-long family-owned and operated cookie bakery in Utah. Their cookies are baked fresh daily from the freshest and finest ingredients. Recently, they asked the baking community for their secret to preventing unevenly baked cookies, so we had to chime in!

What’s the COOKIE… take a bite! secret to perfectly baked cookies?

Tracy Mattson, founder of COOKIE...take a bite!

Check the Oven

“First, get a handy oven temperature gauge to check the oven temperature – just because the dial says 325 degrees, it might not be that temperature in the oven. Once you know the real temperature, let’s focus on an even bake. If your cookies are baking unevenly, it is probably due to the heat in your oven being uneven. Rotating your sheet pan during baking is a quick method to combat this common issue. A good rule of thumb is to rotate halfway through the baking time. That should help prevent the issue!”
Tracy Mattson, owner and professionally trained pastry at COOKIE… take a bit!

Check out the full article for more helpful tips to help avoid unevenly baked cookies!

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