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Our Favorite Gourmet Cookie Flavors this Season

A tin of tequila lime twist cookies

Beat the heat and treat yourself to something sweet! From decadent chocolates with fresh fruits to zesty citrus with a tangy twist, our gourmet cookies celebrate the flavors of the season with every bite! Our cookies are made with organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, so you can feel good about satisfying your sweet tooth year-round. There’s something for every occasion here, but if you’re looking for flavors that pass the summer vibe check, here are our favorite gourmet cookie flavors this season. 

7 Gourmet Cookie Flavors You Need to Try 

We prioritize using organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible at our Santa Rosa cookie bakery! Many of our fruits like limes, apples, plums, and red currants come from local Sonoma County growers to make sure you’re getting the freshest (and tastiest) ingredients in your cookies. So let this be your ultimate guide to our favorite gourmet cookie flavors you need to try this season! 

1. Lemon Moon Cookie

Lemon moon cookie with a transparent background

Our signature Lemon Moon Cookie is made with fresh lemons and dipped in a creamy glaze. This signature flavor is a 2012 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Gold Medal Winner, so you can trust it to be absolutely delicious! Its sweet, light, citrusy taste is the perfect treat on a warm summer day.  

Nothing beats winding down from a warm summery day with a little dessert and a nice glass of wine, and our Lemon Moon cookie is the perfect pairing for a light Sonoma County Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. Plus, if fresh citrus and sweet cream is your ideal summer flavor combo, our Deluxe Lemon Moon Cookie Tin features 20 of these award-winning treats baked fresh daily!

2. Tequila Lime Twist Cookie

Tequila lime twist cookie with transparent background

One of our most popular cookie flavors is our seasonal Tequila Lime Twist cookie. Made with kaffir limes fresh from the garden, this variety won Best of Show at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair in 2019!

Sour kicks of summery lime blend with sweet glaze in this flavor combination that’s sure to melt in your mouth. If relaxing on the porch with a cold drink and sweet treat sounds like your ideal summer activity, try our Tequila Lime Twist cookies with a glass of any citrus-flavored iced tea, and we promise you won’t regret it! 

3. Raspberry Chocolate Splash Cookie

A chocolate raspberry splash cookie

Our Raspberry Chocolate Splash cookie is sure to make a splash at all your summer events and gatherings! This flavor combines rich, sweet chocolate with tart hints of lemon juice and fresh raspberry puree to give you the ultimate taste experience. It’s dipped in a bright pink glaze, flavored with freeze-dried raspberries that add a delicious pop of natural color. If you’re looking for the perfect late-night snack, try pairing our raspberry chocolate cookies with a glass of your favorite Sonoma County red wine. 

Are you the ultimate chocolate lover? Don’t forget about our Deluxe Chocolate Lovers Cookie Tin featuring an assortment of our best-selling chocolate cookies including a rotating seasonal flavor! 

4. Orange and Vanilla Swirl Cookie

Orange vanilla swirl sugar cookie with transparent background

Our Orange and Vanilla Swirl gourmet cookie is made with fresh oranges and pure vanilla beans reminiscent of a classic creamsicle ice cream popsicle!

This cookie is a 2014 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Double Gold Medal Winner, so you can trust it to be delicious. Don’t forget to have these cookies on hand next time you find yourself relaxing by the pool! 

5. Zesty Tea Cookie

A zesty tea cookie against a white background

Our Zesty Tea Cookie, made with fresh lemons and pink peppercorn, is a tangy summer treat that’s sure to pack a flavorful punch. This cookie combines the best of both sweet and savory, making it a versatile choice for any occasion this summer. Your senses will awaken when you pair this cookie with a mug of fruity rooibos tea, which will bring out its lemony tang and leave you feeling energized. The zesty flare of this flavor also blends well with the floral notes of a refreshing local rosé. Our pick is a Casteñada Rosé from Three Sticks Winery. 

Our Premium Wine Pairing Cookie Tin is a fun and easy way to sample all our favorite cookie and wine pairing recommendations this summer! 

6. Ginger Honey Snap Cookie

Ginger honey snap cookie with transparent background

The Ginger Honey Snap cookie is a summer essential. This gourmet flavor features fresh ginger and warm spices to fit the vibrancy of the season, and ripe oranges for the ultimate combo.

We use fresh ginger in this cookie recipe to give you a zesty kick with every bite! The sweet golden honey and rich molasses make our take one the classic ginger snap cookie one you don’t want to miss out on.

7. Coconut Macaroon

Coconut macaroon with transparent background

Our Coconut Macaroon cookie is crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside—and delicious at every bite!

Reminiscent of a dreamy tropical vacation, this award-winning flavor combines coconut with a touch of lemon to give you that sweet summer citrus taste. A hint of vanilla ties everything together, giving it that warm, bright flavor you just can’t get enough of.

Plus, it’s also a Sonoma County Harvest Fair gold medalist! 

Enjoy Gourmet Cookies All Summer Long with COOKIE… take a bite! 

We love being able to bring you such a wide selection of gourmet cookie flavors here at COOKIE… take a bite! With so many unique, award-winning flavors to choose from, we’re certain we can help you satisfy those summer sugar cravings. You can order our cookies online for local pick-up or delivery anywhere in the U.S. or visit our Santa Rosa cookie counter to sample all out latest seasonal cookie flavors for yourself! 

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